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Nancy Kurrack - Writer/Producer

Awards & Achievements

EMMY AWARD: Among Friends, Outstanding Achievements for Informational Programming: Conversation Program Series, 1989 WCFC-TV Chicago

Silver Telly - Out of the Night, 1994

Gold Medal at 28th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival: Out of the
, 1994

Total of seven EMMY nominations - member of the Chicago Chapter of the National
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Presenter representing  WCFC - TV at annual
award ceremonies.

Personal Highlights

"I interviewed Walter Sesulu, Mandella’s secretary of the South African Congress (communist party) one day after he had been released from prison. He had been incarcerated for 25 years during the time that Mandella served, and he announced he would allow no reporters to interview him.  Not only did I get the interview in his dilapidated Soetta home, but his wife served me tea while the 'comrades' lined the wall to watch. I beat Jessie Jackson to the punch by three weeks."

"I received an Emmy Award while taping the Zulu’s in the bush of South Africa. All of the tribesmen ran into the home to listen to my long-distance phone call. The home belonged to Afrikaners and they had the only phone within 50 miles. Once I screamed in excitement, they begged me to tell them what I was happy about. That was a hard one to explain within their culture!"

"I was stranded at an airport in Pretoria, South Africa, and had to beg for coins to use in their phones. The phones ended up being out-of-order, but by the end of the day I recognized someone coming through the crowd; they helped me fly to Durban that night. The next day before “shooting” I found out that the cameraman had the wrong tape for the camera. We ended up shooting a national program on home video."


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